The Installation files can be downloaded on our support site please do this before starting this tutorial.


Before the installation, we have to put the Windows installation into a DVD or USB


USB Instructions (Please Note, you can only use a USB 2.0 and all files of the USB will be erased)


To burn the ISO file to a USB we need to use a program called Rufus


This program Copy's the files to a USB and makes it bootable.


You can download it for free from this site.


The next step is to select the Iso file



Using this button you can select the iso file.


After this step uses the start button this can take up to 10/ 15 minutes


DVD instructions


For burning to DVD's, there are many programs available we use ImgBurn for this tutorial.


You can download it for free from


Now start the program.



The next step is selecting the iso



Insert the DVD into the PC



The installation


We are now on the Windows installation step.


If your Windows Version is supported for upgrading you can just start the installation DVD/USB from Windows.


If not we should start the installation from your bios


When you turn on your PC select your bios boot menu and choose USB or DVD.


You should see the shortcut for this option when you turn the PC on usually it's one of these.

  • F1
  • F2
  • F10
  • DEL
  • ESC

Now the installation should start


















Sometimes internet activation can fail for multiple reasons. If this happens please try phone activation first. If it's still not working please contact our customer support using [email protected] and include a screenshot of the activation error.